Engelbert Fellinger

My photographs portrait forests and landscapes in black and white. Even though the ornaments of civilization are all around us, there are still some parts of the globe where human influence is small. I want to find and photograph these almost pristine spots before they are developed and destroyed. Some places are protected and recognized as national parks, others are snippets of nature that seem to have been forgotten in urban and rural planning.

I want to show nature as pure as possible. As a rule there are no people on my pictures or man-made elements. Working in black and white captures light, shape, form, texture, line and tonal range without color distraction.

For me, forest and landscape photography is about enjoying nature and trying to capture a small part of its beauty. Even a great image is only a slice of the whole. The only and best way to enjoy the whole is by being there.


Tussen de Bogen 16
1013 JB Amsterdam

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